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REAL 8100 X-ray


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The REAL 8100 x-ray chair is an electrically operated chair designed for use in a radiography environment. A radiolucent backrest is available as an option allowing the chair to be used with a standing Bucky instead of using a cassette.


The chair is made in Sweden, and has been designed on demand from Swedish radiographers with a focus on ergonomics, function and flexibility. It is comfortable, stable and easy to operate. A remote control enables the chair to be adjusted from a safe environment up to 15m away from the chair.



A 12 Volt system run from a 7.2 A battery enables the chair to be moved around without a need to be disconnected from its power source.


The REAL 8100 is currently being used in both England and Scotland. References are available at request

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Certification and quality

The real 8100 x-ray chair is developed and manufactured in Sweden. The chair is EMC-tested at SEMKO and approved in accordance with EN 60601-1-1 and EN 60601-1-2.
The plus frame is tested at SP and approved in accordance with EN:1335.